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At Cobalt Power Systems, we’re proud to offer SunPower solar panels. With over 25 years of development, SunPower panels are different than any other solar panel on the market. These panels began with groundbreaking research at Stanford University, and now hold 120 patents on its solar technology.

SunPower panels are 40% more efficient than typical solar panels, which results in smaller arrays on your roof. This way you can optimize the placement of the array for the best performance and the best aesthetics.

Alongside industry-leading performance, SunPower offers modules with an attractive, all-black appearance, giving you an efficient and beautiful PV system. All SunPower solar panels carry a 25-year power output warranty as well as a 25 year defect warranty.

Cobalt Power Systems has earned the status of SunPower Elite Dealer, meaning we are equipped with the most advanced training, products and services., Additionally, Cobalt Power Systems was recently awarded SunPower Dealer of the Year.


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