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For more than a decade, Cobalt Power Systems has been helping customers with their solar needs by designing and installing systems using the highest quality, longest lasting components available.

From our electrical engineer founder Mark Byington, to our system designers, CAD designers, electricians and installers, we focus on the customer’s needs.  The end result is that we have more than 950 customers who are optimizing their properties to get the best possible payback from their solar systems.

Electricity rates have risen steadily on average 5.4% per year. Cobalt Power System’s focus is to help our customers reduce expenses and lock into fixed rates by going solar and avoiding ever rising costs, resulting in higher corporate profits. In analyzing a project, the first thing we do is to gather past electricity usage and rate information to understand how a solar system will impact savings. We then perform a thorough site survey. Once we have gathered all of the necessary information we present the information to the customer and work with the customer to develop a design that will maximize savings for decades to come.

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