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Installation Process

Cobalt Power will provide you with a complete, well-designed, and installed PV system. After your free initial consultation, we will:

  • Design the system: We will analyze your electrical requirements, your building site, and your long-term goals to determine the best system for you.
  • Handle the paperwork: We will obtain building permits from your local jurisdiction, obtain a grid-interconnect agreement with the local utility, and apply for all applicable incentives for rebates and buy-downs.
  • Install the system: We will install the PV panels, electrical components, and wiring in conformance with all local and national building codes. We will then perform a final system checkout and commissioning, and obtain final sign-off from the local jurisdiction and utility. We are a licensed contractor, bonded and insured.
  • Document: Your system will include a binder containing all supporting documentation. This includes the equipment manuals, site layout, electrical schematic, a spreadsheet showing predicted performance, photos of the installation, and a written warranty.

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