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By generating clean power from the sun, solar energy systems can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Each solar kilowatt-hour (kWh) offsets more than a pound of carbon dioxide (CO2). For example, a 4kW system can reduce the carbon emissions equal to driving more than 3,363 miles in the average car, or the amount of CO2 absorbed by about one third acre of trees.

  • Reduce demand to build and operate polluting sources of electricity like nuclear, coal, and hydropower plants.
  • Reduce harmful coal-mining practices.
  • Reduce need for drilling and fracking for natural gas and oil.
  • Reduce demand on water resources and the need to build transmission lines that can devastate pristine wilderness ecosystems with roads, vehicles, and towers.
  • Sustainable & Renewable energy has an energy payback 12-30 fold.

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