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Given ever increasing electricity prices, now is a great time to invest in solar and lock in your energy costs for the future.

At Cobalt Power, we provide options for you to pay for your system. You can pay cash,  you can purchase it with a loan, or you can finance it with the PACE Financing program. Each payment option has its advantages.

Benefits of Purchasing with Cash

When you purchase your system with cash, you own your system from day one. Owning the system allows you to take advantage of government incentives. The main government incentive is the Federal tax credit that gives you a credit of up to 30% of the system cost on your income taxes. Furthermore, if Cap and Trade comes into effect in California, those who own their solar systems would get paid for producing renewable energy.

Loan Financial Benefits

We partner with MOSAIC for a very beneficial solar loan that has low interest rates, and a term up to 20 years. Using the MOSAIC loan helps you preserve cash.

Bank Loan

Many customers are choosing to finance their solar system through loans from their banks and credit unions. Owning your solar system allows you to take advantage of government benefits as well as tax deductible interest. Loan payments can be less than your monthly bill savings, allowing you to save without making a down payment.


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