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By creating your own energy from the sun, your solar system can offer considerable real-world savings every single month.

By having your very own power plant on your roof you won’t have to wait to see results—you could start saving the moment your system is turned on.

  • —Compared with other investments, solar can be an attractive investment vehicle. Our typical 5kW system offers a 15% return in after-tax dollars, which is comparable to a 25% pre-tax return.
  • —Adding a solar system to your home can reduce the heatload on your roof and your cooling costs by more than 10%.
  • —Adding an electric/plug-in hybrid vehicle to a solar system is a great idea. Savings in gas for a typical driver can add up to between $1,500 and $2,000 a year, and typically double the overall savings and ROI for the solar array.
  • To find out how much you can save by going solar, feel free to contact us at: 650-938-9574 or contact us  for a free solar quote.

Save money with Solar.


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